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The Simple Mom Life, 10 Things You’ll Need

Motherhood is a blessing. It’s a time in our lives when we get to have the presence of these amazing beings and we get to love, nurture, and care for them. Sometimes that journey can be a little rough. Try the simple mom life, 10 things you’ll need to make each day with your little one an easier one.

The next 10 items I will talk about will add ease to your day as you conquer the bigger tasks. It’s the small things that can make life just a little easier and at the end of the day we are thankful for them. If you are interested in learning more about these products or purchasing them you can click on the name of the product which will redirect you to Amazon to buy it.

#1 The Google Home Mini

You might be asking, how can a Google Home Mini make my life easier? I got my Google mini when my baby was 6 months old. What I didn’t know at the time was how handy this thing would become.

The Google Home Mini is a small speaker that connects to WiFi and can take simple commands like playing music, turning on and off the lights, playing movies on your TV and things like that. It was a blessing with other commands like singing lullabies and telling me a story. This came in handy with my baby Jayden, and more now that he is a toddler.

When my baby is sleepy and needs a little nudge I can tell Google to sing a lullaby. In her own voice she will sing a lullaby and after continue to play soft lullaby music and he is fast asleep. While Google is singing baby to sleep this frees up a bit of time. Sometimes for a cup of tea, other times to fold laundry. Either way those moments give me time to do something else. It’s a huge help.

The next thing Google mini is good for is connecting to Spotify during bath time, screaming diaper changes and sing a long time. When Jayden is screaming because he doesn’t want to get his diaper changed, I simply say, “hey google, play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Spotify” and his music comes on. This instantly calms him down. Imaging if I had to take him off the changing table, turn on my Bluetooth speaker, connect it to my phone, all the while I could have been done changing that diaper. It saves the hassle when I can just say what I want.

The Google Home Mini can be purchased at most electronic stores like Best Buy, also at stores like Walmart and Target. It is not sold on Amazon because it’s in competition with the Echo Dot. In my opinion, The Google mini is better, and I have both in my house. I barely ever use the Echo Dot.

#2 Baby Wipe Warmer

This product is self-explanatory. Warm wipes for your bundle of cuteness. And this thing comes in handy for a long time. After all, you’ll be changing diapers for almost three years.

Could you imagine if you had to get wiped with a cold cloth time after time throughout the day. What about your baby? My baby hates getting wiped with cold baby wipes. The wipe warmer is perfect for keeping you baby wipes nice and warm for every diaper change and face cleaning. I covered the Munchkin Baby wipe warmer in another review post, if you want to learn more about it click here.

#3 Formula Dispenser

When I decided to switch to formula I didn’t realize the hassle it would be to make bottles outside of the house. I either had to carry the whole can or buy single serve packets. For months, I was buying both and it was costing me a pretty penny.

So why not just carry enough for a couple of bottles? Well, I tried using small Rubbermaid cups but you know what happened? When I tried to pour the powder into the bottle it went everywhere. That’s when I found the formula dispenser.

There are different kinds of dispensers out there, but this is one thing I never would have thought to have before my baby was born. It helps a bunch whether you are going out or just in the house and want to have things prepared.

#4 Fresh Fruit Feeder, Rattle and Teether

You want to move your baby from pureed and mashed fruit and veggies but you’re not sure if they can handle eating fresh produce, well, the fresh fruit feeder is just what you need. It’s easy enough to chop your fresh fruits, put in the feeder and give to your baby. With a rattle on the end its double the fun for your little one.

I covered the Fruit Feeder in one of my posts, if you want to know more about it click here.

#5 Auto Rock n’ Play Sleeper

When I brought Jayden home I couldn’t get a good nights sleep because he refused to sleep flat. He didn’t like it so I slept with him cradled on my chest with a Boppy pillow. Eventually I got tired of sleeping sitting up and ended up putting him in the middle of my husband and I with a Boppy Lounger. That only worked for a little. He needed a more permanent solution and seeing as how the crib and bassinet weren’t it, I needed something else so I took to the internet.

I read review after review of parents who struggled with the same problem, and the solution, an automatic rocker. I went to Baby’s R Us the next day and purchased one. I loved that Jayden could sleep in a comfortable position on his back but not flat, and I could finally lay down and shut my eyes. Another thing I loved about this rocker was its automatic feature. It helped to rock him to sleep and the music helped to sooth him. It also had a vibrating feature that was calming as well. Before I had Jayden I never knew to look for something like this. A bassinet and crib was what I thought I needed. Well, I never even used the bassinet. It ended up in storage and that was a waste of money.

#6 The Mommy Hook

Have you ever heard of this thing? Well I didn’t either until I saw my sister using it. It looks like an over sized key hook and you hook it onto the back of your stroller. It’s good for when you’re shopping in the mall and go to multiple stores, sometimes the bottom of the stroller isn’t big enough so this device serves as an extra hand holding your bags.

It’s small and cheap but handy and practical. This is definitely something you should invest in if you like shopping with your little one and not have to worry about carrying bags while you push your stroller.

#7 Foot Rattles

I loved these for my baby. Rattle booties are little booties, or socks that have a rattle on the foot part. These little things keep baby occupied kicking away with all the rattle noise they can handle. Although it’s a small thing, it really helps your baby with coordinating reaching for his or her foot and listening to the sounds the rattle makes.

I think this is an excellent thing for baby and when Jayden had them he loved them. He would kick and kick just to hear the sound.

#8 The Baby Shusher

Have you ever used white noise to fill the emptiness in the room as you try to fall asleep? Well this is similar to that for baby. The shusher uses a real human voice to soothe your baby to sleep with a calming shush. This thing is the real deal. It comes with a timer so eventually your baby will get back to sleep, it comes with a wrist strap so you can carry your baby and still use the device, it also easy to clean is BPA-free and portable.

When I put Jayden down for his naps he doesn’t like it being too quiet, and If i’m in a room that doesn’t have a google mini then the shushing works just fine and he is fast asleep. This is a good product to invest in, it definitely makes things a little easier. It’s not something you absolutely have to have but it could come in handy.

#9 Foam Floor Mats

If you’re like me and have hardwood floors throughout your house then this is for you. When Jayden was learning to crawl I was so afraid that he was going to slip and fall on his face. I was even opposed to having him on the carpeted areas because we have a cat and well, cat hair is a beast. So I created a playroom for him, one that he could crawl and roll and play with all of his toys and instead of the traditional carpet I purchased foam floor mats.

These are the mats you see in daycare centers and kids play places to ensure they are safe from hitting to hard on the floor. They were a lifesaver. I could go down on the floor with him, help him to crawl around and not have to worry that he would hit the floor too hard.

They also came in handy when he was learning to walk because he could fall down and not hurt himself. I swear by these mats. They are easy to clean and last a long time.

#10 Triangle Crayons

I know this last one sounds silly, but for moms who have toddlers this is a win. Have you ever given your toddler crayons a paper only to have the crayons roll every which way? Well these crayons are triangular instead of circular so they don’t roll. Neat huh? I love them. They are non-toxic, washable and safe for toddlers. In fact, they are named My First Crayon just for little kids.

I know crayons seem like something you normally could do without, but when you have a toddler these things come in handy. When ever Jayden sees me writing he wants to take my pen and paper. This way, I give him his crayons and coloring pages and even if he goes off the paper clean up is as easy as using a baby wipe.

Life Will Be Easier

So now you know. This is my list of things that could make your life all the more easy when having a little one at home. I think these things could really make the difference in an easy day or a hard one and I stick by these things as they have made my days all the easier. Hopefully you can try some of these products and see what I mean.

If you have a little one at home and use any of these products and would like to share your experiences please leave a comment below. Me and other moms would love to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Dino says:

    I really loved your post here and I am sure that my wife would have been more than happy to come across your useful tips some years ago, when our girls (now 8 and 5 years old) were still little babies!

    We could honestly make use of all the products you have in your post and I enjoyed the fact that you have included your own personal reviews in some of them.

    Well done for your brilliant post and keep up the good work Jen!

    Many thanks,

    1. Thanks Dino, I make use of those products just about everyday. As my son grows out of them I will have to start a new list. But for now, this works. Thanks for checking out my post.

  2. I can really see how the Google Home Mini could come in handy as a busy mom! I loved your list and I think all of these things could make life so much easier for parents. Thanks for the great read.

    1. Hi Missy, thanks. They really do help. Thanks for reading my post.

  3. Wow I really loved your suggestions to make our lives easier 🙂 I think I should get a wipes warmer. My son is still using nappies and with winter coming (in Australia) my kid complains when we have to change nappies, especially in the mornings. The wipes are so cold. I also think the google home is so useful for playing music. At the moment I use the phone and speakers but it is annoying going around the house with 2 devices. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Thais, I know this exactly, it is winter here now in Massachusetts, and before I got a wipe warmer it was like that. I almost hate when we are outside of the house and I have to use the pack in his bag. They are always so cold. And the speakers, we have that too with out phones but the time it takes to turn it on is absurd, the google home mini is so much faster. I love it.

  4. Great list! Boy do I wish these things (most of them) were available back when my boys were babies! But, I do have a new grand child coming very soon, so I have been looking for items to get for the parents to be and for me at my house! You have a great list. I am going to show to my daughter-in-law and see what she likes 🙂

    1. Thanks. When I was pregnant I didn’t think twice about any of these things but once I was a mom improvising came in to play and I found these things to be such a blessing. Especially my Google Home Mini.

  5. Lauren says:

    I’m in the nesting phase and reading articles like this make me want “All the Things!” haha. I’ll be adding most of these to my baby registry wishlist. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lauren! Congratulations and you’re welcome!

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