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The Pregnancy Outline – What To Expect The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crushWhether this is the first time or the fourth, finding out you are pregnant is always big news and very exciting for the mom to be.

When I found out I was pregnant with my son after years of trying I was ecstatic. I couldn’t contain my happiness because I just felt so blessed and thankful. I hope you are handling your news fine and are well on your way to getting ready to be the best new mom you can be.

Here, I have created the pregnancy outline for you to get a glimpse of what to expect the first trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester is categorized as weeks 1-13 of your pregnancy. Odds are by the time you’ve found out you are pregnant you are already 4 weeks in, and here’s why.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-1These are the weeks that your body is preparing for pregnancy. Week 1 is typically when you have you period and then the process of ovulation, fertilization, and implantation occurs.

baby-crush-001Ovulation is when your egg is released from your ovary and travels down the fallopian tube to your uterus.

Fertilization is when your egg meets a sperm and they combine. Once the fertilized egg moves through the fallopian tube and divides into cells, it may take about 4 days to reach your uterus. The cells that were divided form a ball that stays in the uterus for about 3 days.

Implantation is when the ball of cells attaches to the lining of your uterus and you become pregnant.

Usually during ovulation, fertilization, and implantation this there are very little symptoms to tell you that you are pregnant. The hormones in your body will steadily rise and by 4 weeks pregnant you will have enough levels in your urine or blood to be able to get a positive pregnancy test.

Now that your first month of preparation has come to an end, let’s look at the next phase of pregnancy.

The first indication for most women finding out they are pregnant is a missed period. Then other symptoms may start to appear.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-5baby-crush-100100By week 5, you are in your second month of pregnancy and now have what is called an embryo which looks very similar to a tadpole. In terms of size, it will probably be close to the size of an orange seed.

By now, you’ll start to feel more tired, your breasts could feel tender and you could have some slight nausea which may or may not include vomiting. You may also notice that you are urinating more frequently, and emotions are in full swing.

Food cravings could already be taking over and foods you once loved could become a thing of the past. I remember when I was pregnant and tried to eat strawberry shortcake, which I love, I couldn’t stand the taste of it. Don’t worry, that will all fade when the pregnancy comes to an end. For now, just listen to your body and try to maintain a healthy diet.

Another symptom of week 5 is excessive saliva. If you’ve been feeling like you have a waterfall in your mouth, this is why. But this isn’t for everyone so you may not even experience this.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-6In week 6 you’ve reached the size of a pea and your embryo’s head will start to take shape and you may even be able to see the heart beat during an ultrasound, but it’s still too early to hear it. You want to start thinking about planning your first prenatal visit and looking for a great doctor.

baby-crush-002Some things you may notice in your body is an increased size of your breasts. They will still be tender but you are not hallucinating, they are growing. You’re probably more tired than ever now since building a baby is hard work. Don’t be afraid to take a break or even a nap.

If you’re so lucky maybe you will avoid the morning sickness. That was me. I had no morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy, and for that I am grateful because when my tummy aches I’m like a baby rolled up in a ball.

You could also start experiencing some bloating and gas. This is due to the progesterone hormone coursing through your body. Make sure to eat plenty of fiber and drink plenty of water so you don’t get constipated. I know it sucks when you already have the increased urination. Welcome to pregnancy!

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-7baby-crush-09In week 7 your little embryo is the size of a blueberry and growing. During this week, baby has developed webbed hands and feet stubs, by the end of the week, your mucus plug is in place, and the umbilical cord is formed to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your baby.

Your breasts are feeling pretty swollen about now and you’ve probably gone up a cup size by the end of this week. That may seem great if they weren’t so swollen and tender. Your heightened sense of smell is probably making those not so friendly foods seem impossible to be around and you’re trying hard not to puke at the sight of others peoples lunch. But that’s okay it’s all natural and hopefully soon that will start to subside.

The increased flow of blood to the pelvic area caused by the HCG pregnancy hormone could have you spending a lot of time in the bathroom but make sure to keep drinking plenty of fluids, maybe cut back on the coffee a bit though.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-8baby-crush-005Now baby or embryo is picking up in size. If you hold a raspberry in the palm of your hand, that is the size of your soon to be bundle of joy. This week, the retinas in baby have started to form even though it will be awhile before you can see those big beautiful eyes staring back at you.

The sex of the baby has started to form and by the end of week 8 all the essential organs have started to grow. Even though baby is getting bigger you might not be able to feel any kicks yet. But you can hear that strong heart beat just beating away at about 150 – 170 beats per minute.

If you haven’t already, now will be a good time to schedule your first prenatal visit.

Your clothes may be starting to feel a little sung about now and morning sickness is in full swing. In another month or so, this should start to subside, just hang in there. Eating foods that have ginger could help with that queasy feeling, like sipping ginger ale, sucking on ginger candy, or eating ginger cookies.

Thanks to the increased estrogen you could start to see some vaginal discharge. Don’t be alarmed. This is totally normal. It’s called Leukorrhea (a thin, milky white vaginal discharge) and it protects the birth canal from infection. You don’t want to douche or try to wash it away, that could affect the healthy balance of bacteria that you need.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-9As your embryo starts to pick up in size, (now the size of a large green olive) it’s muscles are starting to form and the tail that was once so prominent has disappeared and it’s starting to resemble a real baby.

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You are now in your third month of pregnancy but it’s still too early to feel any kicks. Those pregnancy symptoms are really starting to take a toll on you. The increased urination, swollen breasts and morning sickness probably seem like it’s been going on forever, but it will be over soon, don’t worry.

Make sure to get plenty of rest because your body is hard at work. This won’t be the way it is with the whole pregnancy, once your body gets use to being pregnant you will see that some of these symptoms will subside and you will be able to get in some exercise and find clothes that fit your growing belly perfectly.

Bloating and gas is at an all-time high and you could also start feeling some constipation. This is normal. Drink plenty of fluids, eat plenty of fruit and you could also try a warm drink like water and lemon in the morning to get things moving down there.

If it hasn’t started already, heartburn could be making a debut and that is not fun, but to help ditch this symptom, avoid eating spicy and greasy foods and try some antacids, they have an abundance of calcium which is great for pregnancy.

This was one symptom I had throughout my whole pregnancy and believe me, after a while it gets to be a bit much. I had to make sure to avoid lots of foods that could trigger it but you will learn along the way which foods are friendly and which ones are not.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-10Here we are in week 10 and your baby is the size of a prune. By week 10 you have moved up from embryo to fetus. Yaah! You’re still in your third month of pregnancy, but big things are happening.

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Your fetus is already forming tiny tooth buds, the kidneys are functioning and the stomach is starting to produce digestive fluid. The baby’s bones are forming and the elbows are already in working condition. That’s a big jump for such a tiny organism.

Your belly may be starting to feel and look a little rounder since it’s about the size of a grapefruit by now. You could start to see some little blue veins popping up around your body, mainly your breasts and belly this is due to the increased blood flow helping to support your developing baby.

Constipation could still be making an appearance but just keep drinking plenty of fluids and eating plenty of fruits. This is a common symptom in the first trimester. Try to avoid foods such as refined breads, rice and pasta, they only make things worse down there. Eat more whole grains and fiber rich foods and cereals. I always liked Raisin Bran for this.

Some added symptoms for this week could be occasional headaches, visible veins, faintness or dizziness, and round ligament pain. As this list just seems to keep growing, in the coming weeks some of these symptoms will start to disappear.

Round ligament pain is just another way of saying growing pains in your belly. The ligaments that are supporting your growing belly are starting to stretch as your belly gets heavier and this causes some dull pains.

Try not to be on your feet for too long. To be honest, I don’t even remember this part of pregnancy so it’s not something to be overly worried about. Chances are you may not even notice.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-11Week 11 and growing. By now your fetus is the size of a big strawberry and you have 29 weeks to go. Time is just ticking away and your body is busy at work growing your little baby. In development for this week, your baby’s fingers and toes are starting to separate and the finger and toe nails are starting to form. That’s exciting.

As the head continues to grow, it’s now about half of the baby’s body length. Wow, it’s gonna be a smart one, and the ears have started to move closer to where they will stay forever. You’re still in your third month of pregnancy but so much is happening and time seems to be flying by.

The baby is able to move around doing things like stretching, and forward rolls, even though you can’t feel anything yet, baby is having a blast.

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Bloating, passing gas, and burping seem to be on you like white on rice and it sucks, huh? But you know what, progesterone causes this, and you want progesterone because it’s what’s helping your body to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

I actually had to receive progesterone shots intramuscular every week and it was no fun and hurt like hell. So be grateful for all the gas and bloating. It just means that your body is doing what it’s supposed to and your baby is healthy.

It may seem like all you can think about is sleep, lying down, or anything that means you can sit still and be comfy. That’s okay. You are making a baby and that takes a lot of work even if it doesn’t seem like you are doing anything, your body is working overtime to make sure your baby is growing properly, is healthy, and is protected.

You still have frequent urination which should change soon. Your boobs are achy and annoying (even though your husband likes them) and the morning sickness will probably still be around for another week so don’t worry about that one, it’s almost over.

Within the next month or so, those food cravings may start to disappear and if you are feeling a little lightheaded, laying down for a bit could help with increasing the blood pressure to your head to get rid of it. If you are working and you can’t lay down, try putting your head between your knees and take deep breaths, this could also help.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-12Wow, that baby’s getting big. It’s now the size of a lime and developing so much. By now, most of your baby’s body structure is coming to an end. And over the next 28 weeks the organs and system will continue to mature and your baby will continue to progress.

The bone marrow is developing white blood cells which will help with your baby’s immune system and fighting germs and baby’s digestive system is hard at work as it begins to contract its muscles in anticipation of pushing food through the digestive tract after it’s born.

You may not be noticing much change on the outside of your body yet, but on the inside, your body is getting ready for the maintenance phase of your pregnancy. As this trimester comes to an end, your uterus starts to transfer from the bottom of your pelvis to a front position in your belly. That’s big news.

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You should start to see a decrease in the queasiness, swollen breasts, food repulsion and tiredness. Although you may start to experience some dizziness. This is due to progesterone, yes, again, rising the blood flow to your baby but slackening the return to you. This is what causes low blood pressure and reducing the amount of blood flow to your brain.

Take it slow when getting up or making movements because quick movements will have you feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Also, make sure to eat regularly to avoid low blood sugar. If you are working, set an alarm on your phone to make sure you’re not skipping meals or snacks.

Other symptoms that may arise this week are an increased sense of smell, if you don’t have it already. You could have low sex drive due to hormones. Some people may experience increased sex drive but that’s just because we are all different and could be affected differently by hormones. It doesn’t help that you’re are bloated and gassy either. The second trimester will be better, believe me.

By now, you should also see a lessening in urination since your uterus is moving. Oh, sweet relief. Now that the uterus is moving into your abdominal cavity it takes the pressure off.

the-pregnancy-outline-the-baby-crush-13baby-crush-001001001You have now reached the last week of the first trimester and your baby is the size of a lemon. Hold a lemon in the palm of your hand and you will see just much your baby has grown in the last 13 weeks.

By week 13 your baby’s head is starting to even out with the rest of its body, the vocal cords are starting to form and the baby’s eyes are now in place. The eyelids are still glued shut to protect them as they resume to develop.

As baby continues to progress, tiny bones are growing in the arms and legs, it can probably get its thumb to its mouth now, the intestines are making some big changes by moving to their permanent location and the placenta continues to grow.

You may start to see an increase in vaginal discharge but that’s normal. As I mentioned before, leukorrhea is needed in pregnancy so don’t be alarmed. If you’re struggling with the mess in your panties, try wearing a pantyliner to help stay dry down there. NEVER wear a tampon.

Remember to get out of the house and have some fun. You’re pregnant but you can still enjoy time with friends before the baby comes and your life changes for the better. It’s good to continue with your normal routines and not to worry too much. That only creates unneeded stress.

If sex is on the table, enjoy it. Unless otherwise directed from your doctor, it’s perfectly fine to have sex, unless you are just not in the mood. For me, I unfortunately had Placenta Previa which prevented me from having sex until my placenta moved into the right place at 32 weeks, so it was completely off the table for me.

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Symptoms you may be dealing with this week are heartburn, (take antacids) constipation, (eat more fiber) visible veins, and dizziness or feeling faint. All of these are normal symptoms but could be different for all women. You may have one, two, or none at all.



You have reached the end of your first trimester and your growing baby is healthier than ever. You and baby have gone through so many changes over the past 13 weeks and are in for a lot more. Your body is hard at work and your baby’s body is hard at work growing. Make sure to get plenty of rest, see your prenatal doctor regularly, eat healthy foods, and try to incorporate some pregnancy exercises into your routine.

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I hope you have found this information to be helpful along your pregnancy journey. Want to share your experience? Please feel free to leave a comment below I would love to hear more about your pregnancy and so would other moms to be.

Thanks for reading my latest post.


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  1. Mandy says:

    Oh how I loved reading this! It brought me back to the good old days of being pregnant but still small lol.

    The thing that shocked me was how fast the baby grows, even though your tummy doesn’t really show it. It really is amazing just how much they can grow in the span of 13 weeks.

    The hardest part of the first trimester for me was worrying about a miscarriage, so I was over the moon when I finally passed that milestone and headed into the second trimester. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant took everything in me to keep it a secret, what a relief it was to finally tell everyone.

    This was so informative and thorough thanks so much for posting this, my husband and I are trying to conceive again so I’ll keep this bookmarked to refer back to when we finally see that positive pregnancy test! Fingers crossed!

    1. Hi Mandy, it is amazing how much is happening in there while we are out here. It’s definitely a miracle at work. I can sympathize with you on the first trimester and keeping it a secret. The reason I didn’t mention that is because my last pregnancy loss, I passed the 12 week mark and thought I was in the clear. I told everyone that I was having a baby and for some reason lost the baby at 18 weeks. It was devastating to have to tell everyone what happened. I think that it’s more a myth and if you are healthy and your partner is healthy then all should be fine. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  2. Wow, this information is very informative. It’s a little long for the 1st trimester but you’ve incorporated some many relevant links throughout the content that it kept me engaged. I love the fact that the site is easy to navigate around on and that the information was very easy to understand. I would recommend this site to anyone who is pregnant ( especially for the 1st time ).
    Well Done! All the best on your success!

    1. Hi Tracy, This is very informative and a bit long, I know. I wanted to make sure to cover all the basics in the first trimester. Thanks so much for reading and checking out my site. Hope to have you in discussion again soon.

  3. What an awesome comprehensive story. You seemed to anticipate where I wanted to go, which was the emotional connection, the feelings. As a father of two daughters and a grandfather of two daughters, I appreciated this from a male point of view. I wish I had this around when my daughters first conceived because it is so clear and concise. People can read themselves to death during pregnancy, but you condense a lot of material into one article.

    1. Hi Luigi, I tried to include everything a mom needs to know in the first trimester. I understand it can be a bit tough jumping from site to site trying to find relevant information for pregnancy. This post includes what is most important when you first become pregnant. I’m so glad you found it helpful and were able to learn everything you needed to. That was my intent. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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