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The Baby Buying Guide, Finding the Perfect Onesie

When we think of babies, onesies are often one of the first things we shop for and as a beginner, you may not know what to look for. Not all onesies fit every occasion so here I will introduce The Baby Buying Guide and help find you one of the most used pieces of clothing your baby will ever wear.

Shopping Around

Going to buy onesies, you need to know what to look for and know what occasion you are shopping for. Will the onesie be used as an undergarment, for sleeping, or as the actual piece that will be fashioned? When I first had my son, I didn’t know anything about this and ended up with a whole wardrobe of onesies because I was always buying more to fit the occasion.

Upon shopping the first time, I came across Carter’s onesies. They are good quality, made of thick cotton, don’t stretch, and have a bunch of designs to choose from. So, I bought enough for my soon to be baby for about the first six months and had them washed and ready to go.

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When my Jayden arrived in the beginning of July, he was smaller than I anticipated and even the washed Carter’s onesie was too big for him. I needed to find a onesie that wasn’t going to drown him and that could be comfortable and not too thick for him during the summer months.

I received some Gerber onesies for my baby shower and these were also washed but when I washed them in the beginning I wasn’t happy with them. They shrunk during the washing and drying process so I didn’t think I would end up using them. Luckily, I held onto them. The 0-3-month size fit my 6-pound baby perfectly. What I realized was when I washed them they became true to size. I went on Amazon that day and ordered about 5 more packs with different designs.

My son was a happy spitter, which means he would spit up a lot and so we went through quite a bit of onesies and bibs which meant I needed to have a good amount on hand because I couldn’t do laundry every day with a newborn.

Gerber’s onesies fit perfectly, they were true to size, not too thick for the summer months and lasted the three months as they were labeled. I then went on to order the next size 3-6 months and again they were perfect.

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Let’s Go Shopping

Carter’s makes a very good onesie, they are slightly bigger which mean they last longer for your baby. My son was wearing 6-9 month sized onesies when he was 12 months and he wasn’t small, he was the right weight and height for his age. They are thicker which means you can use them as is, no need to cover them up, just pair with pants and socks and you’re good. They have great designs and the prices vary depending on where you get them from. I find them to be cheaper on Amazon.

Jayden 2 weeks old

Gerber’s onesies fit true to size which means if your baby is a little bigger they will outgrow them fairly quickly. We stopped buying them after 6 months because they weren’t lasting as long. They are a thinner material which is good for wearing alone in the warmer weather and under a shirt in the cooler weather. They have great designs and are a bit cheaper than Carter’s onesies. You can find these onesies cheap on Amazon but I would recommend buying a size up if you want them to last longer.

H&M has nice onesies but not a bunch to choose from. I love their clothing for kids so it was only fitting that I try them. Their onesies also have a thinner material but they don’t last long after washing. My son was wearing 12-18 months at this time, and they didn’t fit past 16 months. They cost 10$ for a pack of three which is a bit pricey for me, but I liked them so I bought them.

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Primark also has baby onesies. Their clothes are cheaper in price and the onesies are very thick and warm. I bought the 12-18-month size and although they couldn’t button after washing a few times I still held on to them because of the thick material. I loved that my son could wear these in the winter under cute t shirts to give him long sleeves. They were also good as a pajama top. I paid 8$ for a pack of 6 onesies which I though was great.

The Children’s Place also has a great deal of onesies to choose from and the prices are higher. When I tried these, I bought them on sale which is why I bought them. They fit true to size but were a little loose around the neck so it wasn’t a good fit for me. They do have cute ones to choose from but my final decision was a no with this brand.

Oshkosh Onesies are also a bit pricey but they always have sales. What I didn’t like about the onesies here were the sizing. They run true to size but with my son, the stretchy part between the legs left huge marks from being too tight there. This could be a problem with some moms depending on what diaper brand they use. I use Huggies which is thinner but the elastic they used was just too tight. I ended up returning the ones I didn’t use so this brand was out for me.

Target has a brand of onesies called Cloud Island. I liked these onesies. They came three in a pack and are best bought when they are one sale. They usually have matching pants which I also liked. The onesies fit true to size so buy bigger if you want them to last longer. That matching pants also fit true to size but the elastic waist shrinks which would be too tight around my son’s waist so he couldn’t wear them as long as the onesies.

Buying Options

When buying onesies, I don’t recommend spending too much money which is why I chose to highlight these brands. Your baby will grow out of them fast and you will find yourself throwing money away if you spend too much or buy too much. I used to do that but I noticed that my son was outgrowing them before I could get through all of them so I started waiting until he needed a bigger size then buying a couple of packs.

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If you are looking for personalized onesies, I find Amazon and Etsy to be the best places for those. You can find a lot of what you are looking for during special occasions and their prices are usually reasonable.

Just remember, start off with a couple packs, maybe buy one of each and see which you like best for your baby. Then you can decide where to go from there. Don’t buy too much or pay too much because it will be a waste of money.

What’s your favorite brand of onesie? Do you want to share your experience with us? Have you had trouble finding the perfect onesie? I would love to hear about it and I’m sure other moms would to. If so, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading my latest post.

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  1. I love onesies! My favorite ones are Carter’s but I have used Gerber as well. After having two girls, it was fun to buy boy-ish onesies. I hadn’t thought about buying personalized onesies or shopping at Etsy. I like going through Etsy whenever I can because I feel like I’m helping to support real people with real families. Plus, I like one-of-a-kind items!

    1. Hi Theresa, I like Etsy for birthday’s and special occasions. I agree with you, onesies are so cute. For my sons first two months thats all he wore.

  2. I became a new grandmother last August of a sweet little girl, who is now 7 months old. Like most new grandparents, we went shopping and bought a lot of baby things. I love shopping at Carters, especially during sales. I am sure she will be wearing a lot of onesies when the weather gets warm, but as we live in a very cold climate (Canada) for much of the year, we layer up. Is that your sweet baby in the first picture?

    1. Hi Madeleine, Thanks for reading my post. Onesies are good for layering up also. I think they are the most universal of baby’s clothing. I usually use Onesies in the summer as clothing there’s no need for anything else, and yes, that picture is my Jayden.

  3. This is the most in-depth analysis of onesies I have ever read! Both my kiddos are out of them now but I totally used them a lot. A must-have in any new baby shopping list. your blog here is a great spot for a new mom feeling overwhelmed about which ones to choose. This needs to be linked up with a new mom shopping guide! I’m going to pin you if I can. Save this for when my sister needs to shop for these.

    1. Hi Ashton, thanks for reading my post and thanks for the comment. I’m hoping to build a new mom shopping guide within my blog so please check back for more shopping tips for you sister.

  4. Hi there, this post was eye-opening as I didn’t realise that they were still quite a few things apart from size & reasonable quality to consider when purchasing onsies. I don’t have kids of my own but I bought onesies for a friend who had a baby boy. I never considered the various occasions to use the onesie so I’ll definitely keep that in mind for the future. Do you have a favourite occasion to use the onesie or does it become generally multi-purpose use for you?

    1. Hi Tamika, I use onesies for different things, but generally they can be multipurpose. For me, if I buy one for an occasion it’s saved for that and then becomes a general piece afterwards. I love holidays like halloween, christmas, easter, and so on, so I usually find special onesies and bibs for these occasions, then there is the typical undershirt onesie which is thinner than the regular onesie because you don’t want your baby to be too hot. I have a bunch of onesies that are various thickness and designs and plain white ones that are good for undergarments. I guess for the mom it depends on how she wants to pursue using onesies but they can be used as multipurpose clothing. I think i’m just a picky mom.

  5. Darc'ie says:

    Wow, I wish this article was around when my nephews were little. My brother and Sister-in-law always had a hard time finding onesies – especially since the boys grew so quickly! I will keep Carters (and this article) in mind for my friend who just got married. They want to have kids really soon.

    Keep up the great work!
    Sincerely yours,

    1. Thank you Darc’ie

  6. Oh my gosh, onesies are so cute. I still keep my favorite ones with the hope of one day make a quilt with them. This article is still so relevant to me because one of my best friends is pregnant and I want to get something special for the baby shower. I’ll check the Etzy options, I know I’ll find something really special, unique and still comfortable for the baby.

    1. I love onesies too. So glad I could help. Shopping around is the best. You get to see all the cute onesies and outfits out there. I think the baby section is my favorite part of every store.

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