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The Baby Buying Guide – 20 Of The Best Board Books For Babies

best-book-for-toddlers-baby-crush-2Everyone knows how big I am on books and reading to babies. This is my third post on reading to younglings and the encouragement it gives them as they grow and their minds develop. I love reading to my son and I think it creates such a curiosity in him and adds to the growth of his vocabulary and imagination.

In this section of the Baby Buying Guide, I will give you a list of 20 of the best board books you can get for your baby and introduce you to the Amazon Prime Book Box for babies from age 0 Months through 2 years old.

The Truth Is…

I take reading to babies so seriously because as I’ve mentioned before, when they miss out on this part of the learning process it creates a problem later on. Both of my sisters had kids and neither one of them read to their kids as babies. Both of their kids needed speech therapy. I think this is partly due to missing out on the language development reading gives.

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Opposed to that, I wanted to try a different method and began reading to my baby when he was still in my tummy. In turn, my son is 22 months and already forming sentences, repeating words, and playing by himself using his imagination. It just shows how much reading to babies starting from the beginning can have such an impact on them.

Take it from me mommies, you don’t want to have to deal with the heartache and pressure that comes along with putting your child in speech therapy. It would much rather be a better option to start reading to your baby from birth and get them used to the idea of books and loving the story telling.

Help the build their vocabulary, imagination, and language development. When a toddler can voice to you what they need and want, it gives them such a sense of pride and independence.


The Best Board Books For Babies


#1 Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd – In this classic of children’s literature, beloved by generations of readers and listeners, the quiet poetry of the words and the gentle, lulling illustrations combine to make a perfect book for the end of the day. I love this book. It’s one of my favorites!


#2 The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – After 50 years this book is still going strong. Absolutely love it. Carle’s classic tale of a voracious caterpillar who eats his way through the days of the week and then changes into a beautiful butterfly.


#3 First 100 Words by Roger Priddy – Your little one will soon learn some essential first words and pictures with this bright board book. There are 100 color photographs and words to look, talk about, read, and learn. I think my favorite is the padded book cover and the bright vibrant colors in the pictures. This is a great book to sit with your little one and point and pronounce words and let them repeat it back to you.


#4 The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen and Dan Hanna – Swim along with the pout-pout fish as he discovers that being glum and spreading “dreary wearies” isn’t really his destiny. Bright ocean colors and playful rhyme come together in this fun fish story that’s sure to turn even the poutiest of frowns upside down. I love to use this book to change voices with the different characters coming out and watch my little boys face light up as if he’s watching a play. It’s so much fun for him and me.


#5 Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees – This is a touching tale of Gerald the giraffe, who wants nothing more than to dance. With crooked knees and thin legs, it’s harder for a giraffe than you would think. Gerald is finally able to dance to his own tune when he gets some encouraging words from an unlikely friend. We’re so happy when he finally gets to follow his dream.


#6 I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa Mccourt and Cyd Moore – A mother and child discuss how the mother’s love would remain constant even if her child were a smelly skunk, scary ape, or bug-eating green alien. This is another one of my favorites as the pages are filled with the love of a mother and her child asks over and over again only to get the same answer.


#7 That’s Not My Monster by Fiona Watt and Racheal Wells – The bright pictures with patches of different textures are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the feely patches. My son’s favorite patch is on the last page when he finally finds his monster.


#8 Itsy The Clever Spider by Susie Linn – This heartwarming story is about a clever spider who is on a mission only to have a change of pace from someone one he wouldn’t expect. I love the courage in this story and think it’s a great story to teach little ones about being ambitious.


#9 Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton – This raucous story about the sounds animals make—including three pigs who say “la la la!” This is serious silliness for all ages. This whimsical and hilarious book features nontraditional texts and her famous animal characters. It’s a joy to read with my little one and I’m sure you’ll love it too.


#10 Mommy Hugs by Karen Katz – Mommy and Baby can now count and cuddle as they hug and read about Baby’s day of fun in this book ideal for even the youngest reader and it’s the cutest story as they go through their day counting hugs.


#11 The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper and George and Doris Hauman – This classic story is now in a lap-book format. The story has been slightly abridged and features the famous illustrations from the original Hauman edition. Toddlers can cheer on the little blue engine and that “can-do” attitude that keeps her chugging along. This book can teach even the littlest one to have determination.


#12 Monster Trucks by Anika Denise and Nate Wragg – Readers will delight in this lively read-aloud story with a clever and surprising twist at the end. It’s perfect all year-round! This board book edition is perfect for the youngest monster and truck fans. I bought it for Halloween but found that we can read it any time and it’s just a joyous book to have. Your child will definitely enjoy this one.


#13 Hello Ninja by N.D. Wilson and Forrest Dickison – Whether they’re dancing nimbly through the tropics or hobnobbing with the king of France, ninjas large and small will love this new story from bestselling author N. D. Wilson. It’s the perfect story for quieting down at bedtime.


#14 If Animals Kissed Goodnight by Ann Whitford Paul and David Walked – In a cozy bedtime chat with her mom, a young girl wonders how animal families might say good night. Would Wolf and his pup “kiss and then HOWL”? Would Bear and her cub “kiss and then GROWL”? But what about Sloth and her baby? They move soooo slooowwwww . . . they’re sure to be kissing from early evening until long after everyone else is fast asleep!


#15 I Love You To The Moon And Back by Tim Warnes – The sun rises, and a bear and cub begin their day together. They splash in the water, climb mountains, and watch the shimmering sky. They show their love by touching noses, playing chase, and of course, hugging. A sweet, gentle rhyme, perfect for sharing with a special little one!


#16 Dinosaur Dance by Sandra Boynton – A brand-new board book about dancing dinosaurs from this beloved and bestselling author. She really has a knack for children’s stories and that shows in her work. This lively prehistoric bunch as they get everyone’s tails shaking for a feet-stomping good time.


#17 You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis and Caroline Jayne Church – This book has become well-known and well-loved by parents and children everywhere. Using the uplifting chorus, this board book with a foil cover is perfect for everyday.


#18 Look, Look! By Peter Linenthal – This is the ideal first board book for babies just beginning to look and learn. It’s full of high-contrast black-and-white cut-paper art perfect for staring at, is just the thing for the eyes of the youngest babies.


#19 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin and Eric Carle – A big happy frog, a plump purple cat, a handsome blue horse, and a soft yellow duck–all parade across the pages of this delightful book. Children will immediately respond to Eric Carle’s flat, boldly colored collages. Combined with Bill Martin’s singsong text, they create unforgettable images of these endearing animals.


#20 Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell – This classic lift-the-flap book has been a favorite with toddlers and parents ever since it was first published in 1982. Babies love lifting the flaps to discover the animals the zoo has. With bright, bold artwork, a catchy refrain, and a whole host of favorite animals, Dear Zoo is a must for every child’s bookshelf. This was one of the first books we had in our library.

Ok, That was probably a lot to read, huh?

I wanted to make sure I shared some books that are in my library that I think you will love for your baby. These are some best books out for your toddler right now and some of them are beloved classics.

Prime Book Box Subscription


Now that you’ve gotten through my list of the best baby board books ever, I want to tell you about the Prime Book Box for kids. If you are like me and love to read to your little one, this is the perfect monthly subscription for you. I love that it takes the hassle out looking for new books for my son and I get something new for him every month.

At only 19.99 a box, you can choose whether you want to receive your subscription every 1, 2, or 3 months. I decided to go with receiving my box every two months. It’s great because babies love repetition and this is the perfect way to read the books you already have and throw a few new ones in the mix now and then.

The best part…. The books you receive in your box will be discounted 40% off the list price. You can’t beat that. For the Baby – 2 year subscription, you’ll receive 4 books in your box and at just 5$ book, that’s a steal because I’ve seen some prices for these books.

I really think this could be the best solution for new moms wanting to build a library of books for their babies and toddlers. This is how I have now built a library of over 50 books. I just love baby books.


Each box features books that Amazon customers love and their Amazon Book Editors couldn’t forget. The Editors read thousands of books every year to find selections your baby reader will enjoy again and again. You’ll discover new releases, classics, and hidden gems tailored to your reader’s age. Sounds great, right? It’s amazing for the price and free shipping.


I hope you decide to take advantage of such a great offer and you liked my list of baby books for your baby library. I would love to hear from you. Do you have any of these books already? If so, what’s your favorite. Drop me a comment and I’ll make sure to reply.

Thanks for reading my latest post.


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  1. My daughter loves it when we read together. We do it almost every day. And now with another one coming I have been on the look out for some new good books to read to them. It’s actually a lot harder than I first thought, finding books that the children appreciate. A lot of childrens books seems to be written for adults. Like what they think children should like. So I will for sure try some of your choices as they are already “tested”.

    1. Hi Moa, Reading is such a valuable tool for little kids. It does so much and that’s good that you read to your daughter everyday. She will grow up with a love for books and always love to read herself. I love the books on this list. They are the perfect topics for kids and my favorite out of all of them is “Giraffes Can’t Dance” it’s such a great book and fun to read.

  2. Really great articles on reading to children and the book selection is outstanding too. I agree with you totally on talking or reading to a baby still in the womb. My wife did that with all 3 of our kids, and they were all talking and using words quicker than most babies do. Reading is great for creating their imagination which leads to creativity, which is very healthy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for reading. Yes, I agree. I read with my son still in my tummy. At first i felt a little silly but the sound of my voice would make him move around and then I knew he was listening. And once he was born, I would lay next to him and read and he loved it. I could tell by the content in his face that he was listening. Before I knew it, I was telling him to pick his own book. I love reading children’s books and even started writing a few of my own. It’s a great bonding experience and teaches them so much.

  3. Great choices! The top 2 books were my daughters favorites for a very long time. And of course, anything by Sandra Boynton was popular.
    I wish they had the Prime Book Box for kids when my daughter was little. It would have saved so much money and time, because I liked reading to her and she loved being read to. It is a much better deal than buying from the book stores.

    1. Hi Irma, I agree. The books can get a bit pricey when you purchase them one at a time. I ended up buying a lot of used books for my son because it was just cheaper and they were still in good condition from Amazon. Now with the prime box, its so much easier to just get the books in the mail and at a discount at that. I love it. We have close to a hundred books now and growing. I’ve even gotten chapter books that I can start to read to him and they he can read when he gets older. Thanks for sharing and reading my post.

  4. Oh I love these books, it brings me back to when I was little and my mom would read to me. I LOVED the Hungry Caterpillar, haha I can’t believe my mom didn’t hide it from me, or tell me she lost it, I made her read it so much lol. A couple of my favorite books are I Love You Forever, and Max the Minnow.

    I can’t wait to read to my daughter like my mom read to me. I read to her occasionally but she mostly just takes the book and tries to put it in her mouth. I am excited for when she can actually interact and look at the pictures.

    I think reading is so important and I am so happy to see other mommas advocating reading especially this day in age where screen time is at an all-time high. These are great recommendations, thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Madysen, I really want to do this with my son. I was raised in a foster home with a lot of other kids so I didn’t have that luxury growing up to have my mom or dad read to me. I learned as I got older that this is such a great thing for babies when they are growing, that’s why I started reading to my son before he was born. I’m glad you were able to experience this and want to share it with your daughter. For now, just try telling her stories. She will enjoy it. Thanks for reading my post.

  5. I think that kids need that one on one interaction where an individual is talking to the children. The only way they are going to learn is by listening to others. The more you interact and speak to the child, the more it is going to learn. I think reading to babies every night is an excellent start to help the child’s brain and learning skills to develop.

    1. Hi Winter, I do also. I think they learn so much just from us engaging with them. My son repeats a lot of what I say to him and talking so much and so clearly at his age. I think it’s great. I can see such a difference between him and other kids his age. I think talking to them and reading to them is a definite way to develop their minds. Not baby talk but actually conversation. That’s what I do and my son tries to converse back.

  6. I enjoyed reading this post. It brought back some memories of the books i would read to my kids. The very hungry caterpillar was one of our favorites. I agree with you that reading to and with your kids is important. Great post and i will have to share it with some of my friends who have babies.

    1. Hi Alisha, I love the very hungry caterpillar. It’s such a cute small and touching book about changing. I think it’s a good read for small toddlers and my son really likes it. Reading is very important and thanks for sharing this. More moms should be aware of the benefits of reading to children.

  7. Stephanie says:


    I love your post. I remember reading the caterpillar book and brown bear to my siblings growing up. They were my favorite so when I had my children you know that I read those books to them. I had my daughter at 25 weeks. She weighed 1lb 5 oz. Although she is still special needs, she is far better of and father along because I read to her when she was younger. In fact, I still read to her now that she is going on 20. I wish Amazon book box was around when she was younger. Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Stephanie, Thats so great that you still share that bonding with your daughter. I’m glad that things worked out well for you and her. Reading is such a great tool. Even when nothing else is, just sitting and reading and hearing the sound of your voice can be calming. I love to read when my son is falling asleep. It’s a good bonding moment.

  8. This is an excellent collection of books for babies! You are so right about the positive effects of reading on babies. I used to read to my son every night but more often I used to tell him stories I made by myself. And as he was growing and could communicate I used to ask him to add his own ideas to the story I had started. He loved changing the stories, even those written on books. He was inspired by the photos and used to introduce new characters and new endings. Thank you for this great read Jenny!

    1. Hi Effie, Thank you. I love the idea of making up stories. My son is at the age that I can’t really read to him because he wants to take the book away so an easier way is to make up my own stories with the pictures and he loves to repeat what I am saying and point at what he recognizes. Thanks for reading my post.

  9. I love the idea of the series of books. I remember when my children were little they would receive the Dr. Seuss books each month and they were so excited.

    Now that I am a grandma, this is definitely something that I can look into for my grandchildren.

    Happen to know what the age ranges are for the books? My grandchildren are 1 year – 10 years.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      I love Dr. Seuss books. In fact, we have a lot of them in my house and I’m going to be doing a post on them for toddlers. The books i’ve mentioned in this post are for younger babies and toddlers ranging from 0 months – 2 years. But I think they also work well for toddlers 5 and up learning to read. Most of the books are an easy read because they are for babies. Thanks for reading.

  10. OH, wow, you gave us many ideas and show a lot of books. I always had a lot of books when I was little. My kids liked to read books and now, my grandkids reading too. Actually ,my daughter reads baby books for grandson ( he is 4 right now). When he was around 1.5 years old I did a quiet book from felt, One page shows shapes, another – colors, third – cars… Now he is passing that book to his brother.
    good idea – read books, I always to young families tell it is better to read a book then watch a TV.

    1. Hi JidroneP, I agree. Reading is better than watching tv. Kids can learn so much from books and using their imaginations. I think it’s great they you pass down books between the kids. It’s a good idea to keep them in the family and share in reading time. Thanks so much for sharing.

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