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Leapfrog My Pal Scout and Violet, The 10 Year Review

Product: LeapFrog My Pal Scout, LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Price: $15 – $30 on Amazon

Dimensions: 10.5 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Guarantees: Free Returns through Amazon

This review is for LeapFrog My Pal Scout and Violet, and this is their 10-year anniversary review. The toys were released in 2009 and were a hit immediately with parents and toy connoisseurs. The toy was targeted for toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years and has many features that can cater to all ages in between. It has won awards such as 2009 Practical Pre-School Award, 2009 Toy Talk Awards, and 2009 Good Toy Award from the National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries.

Original My Pal Scout and Violet

Here we are 10 years later and the toy duo is still going strong, but let’s review the journey. The toy was reissued in 2014 with a new version, but certain options for favorites were removed and the user can no longer customize the songs being played. There are three different “modes”: Music, Learning, and Off.


The Reissue

The new version has the LeapFrog logo stitched on the character’s left ear but lacks the double hearts originally stitched on the tummy.

It can be programmed without having to take it out of the box with a phone, computer, or iPad, whereas before it had to be programmed using a USB cable.

It now offers the option of playing 5, 10 or 15 continuous minutes of bedtime music, rather than the 2, 5 or 10 of the previous toy.

The toy was never reissued again but instead the 2014 version seems to be the best version for LeapFrog. What I love most about this toy is its feature to be personalized for each child. For the child, this makes the toy one of a kind. This set up is easy for adults since it can be connected to your phone, tablet, or computer right from the back of the box with a small hidden cord attached to the back of it.


Before personalizing, go to on your device (smart phone, tablet or computer). For a list of supported browsers.

Create or sign in to your LeapFrog account and follow the instructions to set up your child’s profile. Then select your child’s name and favorites.

Next, connect the cable from the battery box to your device’s headphone jack. Plug the puppy’s cord directly into the 3.5mm jack on your smartphone, tablet or computer. (Do not plug the cord into peripheral or external accessories, such as speakers, docks, etc.)

Follow the web page instructions to turn your device’s audio volume all the way up and to begin the download.

Once you see the collar light up and hear your puppy say “I’m ready to play now,” disconnect the cable from your device.

It’s really as simple as these instructions say.

Once personalized, Scout will know your child’s name, favorite food, favorite color, and favorite animal. He can address your child as their name and sing a song to them. He has over 40 learning songs, melodies, and lullabies, and he teaches smaller babies to say their first words. They also teach feelings, emotions, colors, and counting.

The parts of the body are labeled with specific features. They have a light up collar, a paw for activities, a pay for daytime songs, a paw for lullabies, and a paw for on/off. Before you can play with your puppy you can personalize it for added fun but this is not mandatory. The toy works just as well without the personalizing.

My Pal Scout has the ability to play lullabies for your baby for up to fifteen minutes. Even though this is a great feature, you should be careful to keep all stuffed animals away from babies in the crib as they can pose as a suffocation hazard.

The Reissued Violet

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How To Play

Press the daytime songs paw to play an assortment of learning songs, personalized songs and melodic tunes just for baby.

Press the activities paw to hear your puppy talk about your child’s favorite things, count hiccups, pretend to be other animals and talk about feelings.

The lullaby paw plays soothing lullaby music. Squeeze once to hear 5 minutes of music. Squeeze twice to hear 10 minutes of music. Squeeze a third time to hear 15 minutes of music.

To turn off your puppy, press the On/Off paw.

When your child is ready to play again, press any paw to resume play mode.

To turn off your puppy completely, use the Power/Volume switch located on the battery box.

What are parents saying about LeapFrog My Pal Toys?

Upon research, I’ve chosen what I think is the worst review, and the best review from verified purchasers on the Amazon website.

Verified Purchaser #1 – The Worst Review

My son has had Scout for about 2 years and he loves it. So, when a friend’s daughter needed a birthday present, we decided on Violet. When Violet arrived, I attempted to customize, and I noticed some significant differences with the newer model.

1) NO CHEST HEARTS. They have removed the button on the chest, which contained most of the “feelings.” That’s the button that is pressed when you hug Scout/Violet, and now when you hug it, nothing happens.

2) NO CUSTOMIZABLE SONGS. With Scout, we had the option to choose from several songs, including Christmas songs. The new version doesn’t give you that option. You’re stuck with whatever songs come by default.

3) NO USB CORD. This is actually a good thing, since you don’t have to look for a USB cord to customize. Instead, you plug the attached cord into your phone or computer’s headphone jack. This is probable the only improvement in the new version.

4) LARGER BATTERY PACK. The new version’s battery pack is larger than the old version’s, and it’s harder to stuff into the toy’s back. And when it’s in, it’s easier to feel, making Violet less enjoyable to squeeze. After 2 years, Scout’s back velcro is wearing out a bit, and I imagine that the new version will be even less durable since there’s more pressure on it. The velcro opening is actually larger in the new version, but it just opens higher up on Violet’s neck, though the battery pack is too large to fit in that space.

Still, it’s a fun toy, but I’m disappointed that Leapfrog would change the product for the worse.

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Verified Purchaser #2 – The Best Review

Three of my four kids have had a LeapFrog My Pal Scout or Violet. Our first born would have had one but I don’t think they were made back then. These little interactive toys are so great! Here’s why I think your little ones will love them too!

1) It doesn’t just talk, Scout/Violet says your child’s name, puts their name into songs, and engages the child on a personal level. As soon as my kids realized it was talking to them they would laugh and try to make it do it again. It is still their favorite feature.

2) You can further personalize the Scout/Violet to sing/talk about your child’s favorite animal, food and color. The pup uses these favorite things in silly songs. Warning: they are catchy and you will get them stuck in your head!

3) When your child changes, so does Scout/Violet. Anytime the favorites change you can just set the pup to match. The cord to plug it into your computer (USB) is housed right in the back of the pup. Once upon a time the cord was not attached. Be thankful it can’t get lost with these newer models.

4) It plays “Bedtime Music” to which you can decide how many minutes it will play. My kids don’t sleep to music so we’ve never used this feature officially, but they still like to press the paw and turn it on and off and on and off and on and off.

I would recommend this to babies 6+ months up to 2 years. My daughter is almost 4 and still plays with hers, but she’s really too old for it now.

Now You Know

Setting up and playing with Scout or Violet is simple and fun. Your baby will love the sound of their little friends’ voice and the music, games and personalizing make is a win with babies and toddlers everywhere. If there were anything I would change about this toy it would be to bring back the feature that allows you to add songs of your own to the toy. This would be a great way to use this resource to teach kids ABC’s and other learning songs that the toy doesn’t offer.

The price for Scout and Violet is reasonable which makes it affordable for parents in many financial situations, and this seems to be the go to toy for Christmas and Birthdays for smaller babies and toddlers.

Would I recommend this toy to parents? Yes. I think it’s a very good toy to introduce to your baby or toddler. It will teach them so many things but most importantly, being able to interact with the toy will teach your child about beginning social skills.

Why did I choose an 8 out of 10 Rating? I noticed after going through reviews that a few parents were upset about the features on the reissued My Pal. It seems that features that were eliminated were some better ones. The toy could have served better with these features still intact except for the bigger battery box and the USB cord. However, this is still a good toy for babies and toddlers.

Where To Buy

The Leapfrog My Pal Scout and Violet can be purchased through Amazon with a guaranteed return if anything is wrong with the toy. Click the links below for more information and purchasing options.

LeapFrog My Pal Scout

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Does your baby of toddler have a LeapFrog My Pal Scout or Violet? How do you like this toy and do you think it’s appropriate for the given age group? If you want to share or if you have questions please leave them below. I’m sure other moms would love to hear your opinions on this product. Thanks for reading my latest review.

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  1. Phil says:

    Hi Jen,

    What a beautiful website and a beautiful article.

    I only wish I had gone online 10 years ago as my little boy would of been two years old and these toys here would of been perfect for him. I know he would of absolutely loved these toys here from Leapfrog My Pal Scout and Violet.

    I got plenty of nephews that are still toddlers and so I have bookmarked your website for birthday ideas to come. Thank you for this amazing place to come to buy these amazing toys.

    1. Hi Phil, thanks. This toy really is great for toddlers especially since it can say their name and talk to them. Hope they love it.

  2. My nephew had Scout years and years ago. He liked it for a whole year. For a toddler, that’s serious! I loved that toy when I babysat him and if I ever have kids, I hope they are still available. Seriously awesome for toddlers. I wasn’t aware they were reissued. My nephew is 8. Can’t remember when he got one, but pretty sure it was the old one. He loved it and definitely a cool toy! Thanks for your review. It brings back happy memories.

    1. Hi Selenity,
      That is serious! Kids don’t stay attached to toys for too long, there’s always something new coming out, but it’s such a great toy I can see that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Colleen Fonseca says:

    I am so happy that I came upon this review! As a new Grandma, I think this might be the perfect toy to get my Grandson. How often do you need to change the batteries? At 22 dollars, you can not beat the price. Thank you for the tip!

    1. Hi Colleen, This is the perfect toy. I think the batteries would depend on how much he uses it. But I’ve had our for over a year and it’s still going strong. So not often. It does have an automatic shut off once you put it down after a few minutes. Hope he likes it. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. SkyPath says:

    That’s pretty cute, I had almost the same doll before, it is really cute, I like your introduction, it is perfect! Thank you for this!

    1. Thanks Sky!

  5. Wow :O I didn’t know about this toy! It looks amazing. At the beginning I thought “ok this is just another teddy or soft toy” but I didn’t know it could be programmed or configured for the kid so it will call them by their name. It is a great idea that also has songs and lullabies. Perfect to get babies relaxed and ready to sleep. My son always likes to grab something when he’s going to sleep. It could be a blanket, a teddy, my hand lol. But this toy with the music would be the perfect combination. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. It is a great toy for babies and toddlers and encourages them to interact as well as comforting them.

  6. HI Jen, I have been looking for something like this for my 7 year old niece. We’ve been apart for years and was recently told that she has been asking about me none stop. I thought she didn’t remember me anymore but apparently not. Someone told me that she’s been writing me letters all these years and I had no idea. I just want to know if I can record my voice so that I can tell her how much I love her. DO you think this would do the trick? If not what would you recommend?

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for checking out my post. It’s so nice that you can reconnect with your niece after some time. The My Pal doesn’t record your voice but I can recommend Crystal The Unicorn. This Unicorn records comes with an easy to use recordable device that is inserted into your furry friend after recording whatever personal message. I have included the link below. Hope this helps.

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