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Handle Terrible Twos, Free Parenting Advice And Tips

Is There Really Such A Thing As Terrible Twos?

Handle Terrible Twos, Free Tips and Parenting Advice-3I never used to believe so but now I beg to differ. Are you having one of those days when everything seems to be upside down and to make matters worse, your toddler is screaming and throwing himself on the floor, because that was my day today.

If this is your first time reading my blog, I want to let you know, I have a toddler who is on the brink of 2 years old and days are becoming harder by the moment. I have put methods in place, I have reasoned, I have ignored, and still the tantrum phase has decided to rare it’s ugly head. Here ‘s a way to handle terrible twos, free parenting advice and tips and it’s well worth it.

If your toddler has taken on the terrible two phase, one thing you should know is that this is definitely normal behavior and every toddler goes through a period where they are trying to assert their independence and learn what is acceptable and what is not.

They are trying to get a feel for what they can and can’t do, what you will allow, and how far they can push you to get what they want. I recently wrote a post on toddler tantrums and not giving in because this will only hinder you in the long run.

Check out my post on Screaming Toddler Tantrums, Avoid Giving In Here!

Looking For Help

I went to my drawing board because, well, I am no expert and I am learning along the way the same as you, but I wanted to find something that could help me in getting my toddler to be calm and to help me communicate with him. And correct me if I’m wrong, but “goo goo gaga” is hardly a way to communicate with your toddler.

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How could I get a 21-month-old toddler who has a vocabulary span of about 25 words to sit and have a logical conversation with me? How could I stress to him how much I needed him to sit still and not throw himself on the floor because let’s face it, at this point that seems to be the go to move, and how could I show him that I am not upset with him and not angry at all without giving into his every demand?

I couldn’t. And if you are anything like me, you won’t be able to either. I needed to find a surefire way that would help me communicate with my son on his level and assure him that it’s okay to get frustrated there’s just other ways to express his emotions instead of taking a tantrum.

When I was doing some research, I came across this website, and don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you anything. But, this website had a free toddler parenting tips presentation. Yes, I said FREE!

You’d be surprised how much advice an active parent can give you.-7

Talking To Toddlers

You can go on this website called “Talking to Toddlers” and watch this FREE video for important tips on how you can best communicate with your child and deal with your toddler’s behavior. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant at first, but as it turns out, the guy hosting the video has kids of his own that have surpassed the toddler phase and he’s just sharing some tips on how you can really talk to your toddler.

I can’t stress enough how understanding this video was and how much I learned from it. And the best part as I love to mention in my posts is it was free.

So, I watched this video and he talked about kid’s emotions and how their behavior can trigger certain actions. How using the word “NO” can actually hurt rather than help because there are better ways to say it, and how your bond with you toddler can help with curbing their behavioral problems.

Handle Terrible Twos, Free Tips and Parenting Advice-11

I gave you the short part of it, but if you want to get some tips to really help with communicating with your toddler and putting those tantrums to an end, or at least a limit, I encourage you to watch this video. You’d be surprised how much advice an active parent can give you.

When I was in my research mode, I looked at some testimonials on the “Talking to Toddlers” website, and people had some really good things to say about this website. It seems to be really helpful and when you’re looking for free, sometimes quality doesn’t always come in to play. Look at this testimonial from one of the parents.

Handle Terrible Twos, Free Tips and Parenting Advice-9

Free Newsletter & Audio Lesson

But that’s not it. Upon exploring this website, I also found that they offer a free parenting tips newsletter. Yes, again, I said free. You put in your email and get instant access, and download your free lesson instantly as well.

Just for visiting this website you also get a free audio lesson emailed to you. Again, you just have to sign up. With the audio lesson, you get 3 tips you can start using instantly. It doesn’t get much better than that. Believe me, If I didn’t think this website was worth it I would recommend it.

You’d be surprised how much advice an active parent can give you.-6


It Doesn’t Hurt To Stop By And Check It Out

Let’s recap. If you want some free tips on communicating with your toddler, ways to curb their behavior, and tips for parenting, I recommend checking out this website. Like I said before, it’s free and you just have to sign up, no strings attached.

I don’t want to steer you wrong so I feel obligated to mention that there are paid services on this website, but what I am recommending is totally free. You could opt to pay for more but they have a bunch of free advice that you could benefit from just the same.

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A Happy Child

I love to see my son happy and playing and full of life and I sometimes feel sad that he doesn’t know how to communicate of express his emotions. As his mother I want to do all I can to make sure he can pass this phase and have a happy normal childhood. Hopefully you can benefit from “Talking To Toddlers” as I have and i’m sure if I keep applying the techniques my son will be rid of those terrible tantrums.

Handle Terrible Twos, Free Tips and Parenting Advice-1
                            My son Jayden after sitting and talking with him.

Handle Terrible Twos, Free Tips and Parenting Advice-12

Have you been having trouble lately with your toddler and do you need some helpful advice? Is there something you can recommend to other moms? I would love to hear your experience on this, please comment below. Thanks for reading my latest post.

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  1. Good read! I am not a parent yet but I and my partner are planning to be parents hopefully this year. I heard a lot about how toddlers are called “Terrible Twos” from my friends and sister based on their experience and I honestly can’t relate because I am not a parent yet. However, since we are now planning to be parents soon, I’ve bookmarked this article for our future reference and we’ll definitely sign up for “Talking To Toddlers”. I will also recommend this to my friends and sister for them to apply the techniques on how to get rid of those terrible tantrums. 🙂

    1. Hi Donna, Congratulations on becoming a parent in the future. It’s such a blessing and you have so much to look forward to. Thanks for reading my post and this info will come in handy when the time comes.

  2. What a beautiful site. I just forwarded the link to a friend with a 7 week old baby. I really like the way you are sharing your resources as well as your experience to help other people. Such a wealth of information with a cheerful presentation. Good work. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks John. I’m glad you were able to pass this info on. A lot of moms don’t know that there are resources out there to help with this sort of thing. Even though their baby is only 7 weeks old, they will find this info useful when the time comes. Nothing wrong with starting a little early.

  3. I’m single but I have nephews that act that way.
    That was informative and new to me.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Slim, make sure to share this with their mom, it could really make a difference and help her and them with beating the phase.

  4. Great content and really nice website in general. I love pictures that you put here. This topic is new for me, because I don’t have kids. But I’m really impressed that I love reading this type of blogs like ‘mom blog’. And also I clicked on this free video and I really like it. Great. I will return in the future when I will have kids.

    1. Thanks Nina, i’m glad there was information here that you liked. I really liked the video as well and hope it can help other moms that are having trouble with the tantrums. Thanks for reading.

  5. Ashley says:

    I’m bookmarking this to watch during nap time. My son is now 3 and I feel like this stage is so much more difficult than two was! I think its partially due to him transitioning out of naps. We he gets tired, he can get so mean and cranky. I’m looking forward to some more tips for dealing with this type of behavior, thanks for posting this!

    1. Hi Ashley, you’re welcome. It can be an unwinning battle at this age. I see it in my niece who is 3 years old and doesn’t nap, and my son is almost two and he’s heading that way also. Sometimes I have to put him down and lay with him even if its late evening because he gets so cranky and starts throwing himself down and taking a fit at every little thing. Definitely watch the video, it has some interesting and helpful tips.

  6. Nice article! I can definitely relate with your “terrible two” moments. Thanks God I’m past that stage of my boys’ lives. They are 3 & 9 years old now. Phew!😄
    Talking to toddlers website is a good resource for moms & dads who are at the end of their wit trying to end their toddlers’ misbehavior.
    Personally, i learned that toddlers are “attention hungry”. Fill up their needs and they will be fine 😄

    1. Hi Jhie, You are right, they certainly are attention hungry and most times at the wrong time. I think teaching them that there is time for them and time for other things is key. This video has some valid tips which is why I wanted to share it, but the work starts at home. I’m teaching my son to play by himself so I get him toys like building blocks and sets that he can use his imagination and be able to not need the attention of mommy all the time. Thanks for sharing and reading my latest post.

  7. Kris says:

    Hey Jen,
    Two years and more than two thousand problems. 🙂 I absolutely know what are you talking about here, and I loved reading this article. It’s very helpful, so I just share it with a few more friends that are now in a similar situation. Just keep up with this great work, a lot of us have many questions about these young creatures and never enough answers. 🙂
    Thanks for all the help.

    1. Hi Kris, thanks for reading and sharing. It’s true there are so many mysteries to the two year old mine and people will always need more answers.

  8. Hi there,
    I just love your site! You are so honest and real. I love that you share your experiences with us.
    My children are all grown up now. It seems like such a long time ago that we went through the terrible twos. We got through it with help from books and talking to other’s that went through the same thing.
    As I said, my kids are all grown up but I will definitely keep your site in mind for anyone I run across that could use some information in this area. Have an awesome day!

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for reading my post, and definitely share. The two’s are a hard age.

  9. Mallory says:

    This information would have been so helpful 11 years ago with my oldest son. He went through the terrible two’s and it was no fun at all. I’m very thankful my youngest is(right now) a very mellow, happy child who has yet to enter this stage. Will keep this bookmarked if that changes in the future, thanks!
    P.S. you have a very cute little guy there!

    1. Hi Mallory, You are right, the terrible two’s are no fun at all and leave you wanting to pull your hair out, luckily there are some kids who pass over it, I knew someone who had a kid like that, they were the sweetest kid ever but then they were like monsters when they kit the early teens. I guess it’s true that no two kids are alike. You never know what you’re going to get. Thanks for reading my post and sharing and come back if your youngest starts going through this phase.

  10. Hi Jenny,
    Oh my, how I remember those days! I now have two grandsons, so far, and that’s the stage they’re in as well. Funny, I always remember the 3’s being worse, haha.
    I didn’t have access to all these great blogs and advice back then. We just survived the best we could.
    I’m certainly going to show your article to my daughter. I’m sure she’ll really appreciate the help.

    1. Hi Suzanne. Thanks so much, please pass it along. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and reading my blog. When my older two were little they didn’t hit the terrible anything until about eight years old. It’s funny how that works out. Now my youngest throws himself down. Every kid is different but this advice helps.

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