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Encourage A Love of Reading in Kids, This Tip Could Help

I recently wrote a post on the importance of reading with toddlers. But how can you encourage a small person to take the time to look at books on their own? It’s easy for us to ask our little ones to sit still as we read them a story but we want that to manifest into something more. We want to encourage a love of reading in kids, and I have the perfect tip to do so.

Kids are naturally drawn to bright colors and things that look fun so why not use this information to create something that could very well be their favorite place in the house and will leave them wanting to embrace this space and use it for reading?

That’s right! If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then we’re going to create a reading corner.

Check out my post on The Importance of Reading With Toddlers, Developing Language Skills here!

Creating A Reading Corner

A reading corner for your little one doesn’t have to be expensive or large, it can simply be a corner in your living room or family room that is just for your toddler or young one. You’ll want to make this space inviting for your little one with colorful pictures and somewhere to store their books.

Because this space is for your kid or kids, you want to think like a child when creating it. For me, this was drawing kid’s pictures, the alphabet, and finding little trinkets I could put on the wall to make it fun. Be however creative you want to be.

Your art work doesn’t have to be bought at a store, use this as a way to do something fun with your toddler. Get nontoxic kids paint, or markers and a nice size paper or even a poster board and make a nice picture together. Because my little one is so small I did this art work myself.

If you’re not the creative type or don’t know how to draw a simple trick is using a coloring book. Color the pictures nicely and to make them last you can take them to your local staples to have them laminated. Believe me, this is much cheaper than shelling out a bunch of money for kid’s artwork.

Putting a word on the wall also makes it fun for the kids. I chose to put READ and I got the letters from Michael’s. They only had white so I painted them navy blue and got some gold star stickers for 2$ and put them on it and made it look like a night sky.

The sun, moon, and stars are simple pictures drawn and colored on white paper then laminated to make it last.

Be Frugal, Reuse Materials

When I had Jayden’s birthday party, I had his name spelled out on his candy table using a Dr. Seuss theme and because I saved the letters I was able to use them here which is perfect for a reading corner.

Because I wanted to be frugal but use up the space I went through the house to see what else I could use for this project. The large tree picture with the owl is actually an old cardboard box I had lying around so I opened it up and painted the picture on it. The gold frame around it is just gold duct tape to make it look pretty.

The pillows on the floor I already had but if you are looking for cheap pillows and covers, these come from IKEA. The pillow inserts are 6$ and the covers are 4$. The floor mats and pad I already had from Jayden’s playroom so I moved things around to make this happen.

Another alternative is purchasing a floor seat cushion to sit on and these could last for a while.

If you don’t want to spend money, consider using teddy bears instead. Which is what I did originally before changing my mind, but either work.

This could be the case for you as well. Take a look around the house and see what pillows or kids’ stuff you can reuse for your kids’ reading corner and this project will be easier than you think. It took me a total of two days.

Jayden’s Reading Corner

Enjoy Your Space

I honestly believe that creating a space for your little one to read sets the tone for helping them to see just how important this is for them. Using an array of colors and things that invite them could bring your kids to want to enjoy this space and use it daily.

If you want to get them started on this journey, once you finish your reading corner, use it as a space to sit with them and read a story or two and before you know it they will be reading all on their own.

Get Books from Dr. Seuss’ Collection Here


Looking for books for your space? When I was shopping for books for Jayden I found that Amazon sells a bunch or kids books gently used. You don’t have to purchase every book brand new. Reused books are just as great and once your child grows out of them you can pass them on.

My son is only 20 months old and he can’t read yet but he loves to look at his books and I love to read to him before we go to bed. I really believe that putting this routine in motion sets your child up for successful school years and instills a value in them to want to learn and love to read.

It also encourages imaginative thinking and creativity.

Jayden (20 months) enjoying a book!

Check out the book Jayden is reading!

Do you have a reading corner in your house? I would love to hear about your experience with creating one and how your child likes it. I’m sure other moms would love to hear about it as well. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading my latest post.

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  1. I love the idea of using coloring book pages for wall art, I would never have thought to laminate them, GENIUS! I’m actually taking a drive up to Portland this weekend so I’ll have to pop into IKEA to look for those pillow covers too.
    Did you have to anchor your bookshelf to the wall? The one I have isn’t as tall, but I keep thinking my youngest might try to climb it and wonder what kind of wall anchor would work best?

    1. Hi Lauren. Thanks for reading my post. Yes we did have to just in case he tries to climb it. If you are going to Ikea you may even find them there. I can send you a link for it. I got the shelf from Ikea and they already come with the wall attachment. I love kids art so anything I can use for my kiddo works fine and I find it to be so much cheaper especially with their ever changing minds.

  2. I love to see another Mama encouraging reading! It is so good for them and opens a wonderful world of imagination.
    We have a small nook with Ikea box shelves and bins that double as toy storage and a bean bag and my daughter spends many hours in it with me or without me by now!
    I like your idea on the artwork. Gives them a sense of satisfaction to see their work up there to! Creativity is a wonderful tool to be giving your little.

    1. Hi Carla, thank you for sharing. I’m glad to see that there are moms out there that agree with what I am doing. This is a learning journey for all of us and i’m happy to be teaching my son valuable lessons. It’s great that you have this space for your daughter. I think it helps them to see they have a space all their own!

  3. I love this idea and really whats to stop you from creating one and I apply that to myself as well. While I was reading this I am thinking to myself, why haven’t I done this? I don’t need to buy anything, just clean out a corner add in some comfy pillows add some wall art which can be made into craft time.

    I was at a Pre-K meeting at the school not long ago for my 4 year old and they created a reading corner in a matter of 20 minutes, they used a desk and put up Bristol board with art on it to separate it from the rest of the corner, added in some lil sized chairs and voila.

    This just might be our next project, thank you for this =)

    1. Hi Amanda, thank you. I think it’s such a good idea for your little ones. Kids are impressionable and giving them this will only make them want to read and learn more, not to mention the creativity and imagination it grows. Good luck on creating your reading corner!

  4. I love the reading nook idea. I may have to create one of these in my living room. I also love how you use what you have first to make things work. I love upcycling old stuff to make something fancy, new and organized for my kiddos! Great JOb.

    1. Thanks Ashton. I was actually thinking of creating a space for myself also. I think it’s a wonderful idea and is also relaxing!

  5. Hi Jen!

    I have always loved reading, and I totally attribute that to my mom. Growing up, she always had a book in her hand, which instilled in me how fun reading can be. I’ll admit with social media and the fast paced lifestyle we live nowdays, I don’t have a book in my hand as often as I’d like.

    I’ve often wondered how I can get my daughter engaged in reading, because reading is one of my most fond childhood memories. I love this post because it helped spark some creativity in me for when my daughter becomes a toddler, and can show more interest in books.

    I LOVE the idea of a reading corner. Who doesn’t love the idea of having their own space with peace and quiet? It creates the perfect vibe for a toddler to sit down and look at a book. Your pictures are so cute and I love the personal touches in the little corner you’ve created for your son.

    I can’t wait to implement a reading corner in my house for my daughter to read and be creative. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Madysen. My mom was the same way. She was always reading and we didn’t have a lot of TV time growing up, I spent a lot of time in my room with books. Like you, life gets busy and we don’t have enough time to sit and have a good read, I wonder how my mom did it with us. But the reading corner is a good start. It’s good for kids and adults, and I would love to have one for myself once I redecorate my bedroom. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Amy says:

    I really love this – we have a reading corner in our kids’ playroom, but it’s not as pretty as yours!! We are big fans of the ‘that’s not my’ books here too. I think reading is so important for kids and my eldest reads with me regularly, but my son (who is only a year old) is so active, he won’t sit still for a story! Any tips for getting an active baby to enjoy reading?

    1. Hi Amy, I started with my son earlier on, but at his age now it’s hard to get him to sit, but I notice when he is tired and ready for milk before bed that’s the best time to squeeze in some reading time. So I give him a bottle and lay beside him with a book or two and read to him before bed. At this point he rarely has the energy to run away do he just drinks his milk and listens to the story and some times he even points out things in the book and repeats words that I say.

  7. I love this so much! Thank you for sharing your pictures. Books are so important and teaching our little ones to love them early sets them up for a lifetime of learning! We love our weekly trips to the library and snuggle and reading time before bed. As a mom, I have my own reading corner. 🙂

    1. Thanks Theresa for sharing. I’ll have my own soon enough, but I am happy to sit with my son in his and read with him. Once he is a little older I will take him to the library. That is something we did for fun growing up and I still cherish those memories.

  8. Lindsay says:

    Your reading corner looks very inviting for kids! We made a space under our stairs for our grandchildren and they absolutely love being in there, it’s like a safe, fun, little nook where they can go through books and play quietly. We were actually inspired to do this by seeing the kids reading nook in our local library – these are wonderful spaces to have and they don’t’ just encourage reading, they become a safe and well-loved space for your child to call their own in your home. Thanks for sharing your space and it’s a fantastic idea.

    1. Hi Lindsay, thanks for sharing. I love my sons space and hope he comes to love it also. I think it’s great for children to have something like this and besides his playroom this is a safe space just for him, like you say. I was inspired by doing research, I knew it was something I wanted but didn’t know how to get started so I hope sharing this will help some other moms also.

  9. I just finished the article on getting your kids to read: It was great, in that it gave not only inspirational tips but practical tips.
    Your comments on the Reading Corner, as well as the picture were spot on – I really appreciate the warmth and the tips you have put into the site as well as this particular article.

    Really nice work !!

    1. Thanks Ron! The reading corner is a real gem in our house. It’s more than just a nook for reading but a safe place for my little to sit and enjoy himself whether reading or playing with toys.

  10. Derek Marshall says:

    This is quite brilliant! Encouraging kids to read will carry on through to their adult lives. I say encourage them to be sporty and healthy also!

    1. Thanks Derek! All in due time.

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